Beyonce Fans Blast Warriors Owner’s Wife Nicole Curran

Beyonce fans mad at Warriors owner's wife Nicole Curran

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We have Beyonce vs. Nicole Curran drama from Game 3 of the NBA Finals and Beyonce fans are clearly not happy with how Curran handled herself around royalty during the Warriors shorthanded loss in Oakland. It got so bad in the Instagram comments last night after the game that Curran has disabled comments on her IG posts.

The beef seems to center on how Curran was leaning across Bey to chat up Jay-Z during the game. Bey fans perceive this to be the ultimate disrespect and that has led to an all out assault on Curran who clearly had no choice here but to close down the comments so her alerts didn’t blow up her iPhone 10 or whatever she’s using these days.

Let’s go to the evidence of how bad it got for Curran’s account.

This seems to be one of the offending gestures that got Nicole in trouble:

This is the post that Bey’s army attacked:

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