Meet Maddy From Northern Arizona University

It’s that time of year when Instagram college students like Maddy expand their worldly views by jetting off to Europe to experience different cultures, eat different food, see the sights and fill up their Instagram content folders with the requisite material to get them through until the next trip to an exotic locale.

Northern Arizona’s Maddy is in Greece loading up dry powder via a trip to Santorini, a favorite for the Instagram superstars because of the beautiful blue domes that definitely signify that you’ve made it in Instagram life. Sitting at just under 1,600 followers, Maddy has plenty of growth potential with the account. One summer day you’re in Greece, the next minute you could be selling fit tea. This is just the beginning for some of the dreamers out there who’ll be the next generation of IG influencers.

Know an Instagram model we need to post? Let me know. It never hurts if the IG model is in college. You guys seem to be interested in the IG models before they become household names and/or Dan Bilzerian models. 

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