Twitter Experts Debate Whether Bruins Fans Left Full Beers Or If That’s Urine

via Twitter

I think we might have a new series on here — Twitter Experts Debate. On Wednesday I gave you guys Twitter Drug Experts debating whether it’s possible that Lamar Odom blew through $100 million on drugs over his career. Today we go to Boston where Puck Daddy spotted what appear to be full beers left behind at TD Garden after the Boston Bruins were beaten 3:51 into overtime by the St. Louis Blues.

Greg Wyshynski presented the video as full beers left behind and it didn’t take long before the Twitter Experts┬« showed up to lecture Greg that it’s actually full cups of piss (with head) left behind by fans who jetted out of there after a Wednesday night loss. And then the people stock up with full beers for overtime, you dummy brigade stopped by to put their two cents in on this debate.

I’m just not sure I’m buying the stockpiling claim here. Let’s go to the Garden policies page.

  • Our alcohol service will end at least one hour prior to the scheduled end of an event. We reserve the right to discontinue the sale of alcohol at any time.

You’re telling me that people stockpile beers at the start of the third period just in case it goes to OT? Can’t buy that. I’d say what we have here are fans who either had a couple too many or forgot they had a beer under their seats.

Not buying this:

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