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The El Cortez in Vegas is the latest place to get cleaned up

From Vegas Inc.:

While the property, which sits at 600 E. Fremont St., has retained its vintage look, the years have continued to pass and improvements continue to be necessary.

The El Cortez is set to undergo its latest renovations, a nearly complete four-floor makeover of 64 rooms in its 15-floor tower, which was built in 1980. The makeover — the second phase of a larger renovation project — will cost about $6 million. Work is scheduled to begin in late May or early June.

Renovation work on 73 rooms on the first five floors in the tower was completed last year. During the past decade-plus, Epstein said, he and his partners — a group that includes Joe Woody and Mike Nolan — have stuck more than $50 million into the place.

I’m still trying to figure out who all these people are that are staying at places like El Cortez on their Vegas trips. Have you ever been near the El Cortez? It’s not the best area to be after dark. Before the two blocks or so from the El Cortez to Neonopolis were cleaned up you were risking death going to the El Co. That said, it appears the place is one of the final vintage Vegas joints left. Sounds like it’s time to catch an Uber to the front door.

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