The Five Most Popular Casino Games and Tips for Beginners

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The casino industry is still one of the liveliest entertainment economies all over the world. The global gambling industry alone is expected to create more than $525 billion of revenue by 2023. The fact that people no longer need to leave their homes to gamble is a big help for this industry.

When people are asked about casino games that they know, the most common answers are most likely poker, blackjack, and the slot machine. These are the typical answers you’d get even from non-casino players.

Australia is leading when it comes to the number of people who gamble in the country. Whether you’re new to playing any casino games or not, here are the five most popular casino games out there, and a few tips on playing these games.


Craps is a dice game that lets people wager on the outcome of rolling a pair of dice. It’s a very simple and direct strategic game that beginners and professionals are keen to play at the casinos. This is a simple version of the western European game called Hazard.

It was during World War II when Craps started to become popular to American men in the military. In this game, the players take turns in rolling the pair of dice. The players can bet on the Pass and/or Don’t Pass line.

What’s great about Craps is how social it is. That’s why it’s best to play this with a few or even plenty of peers.

However, if you’re after real money casinos, you can check to find the best online casino where you can play the most interesting poker games out there.


This is a favorite of the high rollers in land casinos and it’s mainly because of the 1% house edge, which is already very low. With this, Baccarat is

Baccarat’s rules may come off as intimidating, but you don’t have to be an expert to be able to enjoy this game. If you’ll be playing Baccarat online, you’ll most likely have an easier experience as most software would already automatically handle the drawing of cards. Online, you’ll just have to manage your bets.

A fun fact about Baccarat is that its inventor, an Italian gambler named Felix Falguiere originally played this game with Tarot cards.


The many variations of roulette make it appealing to many people. It’s also popular because of its social element. Players and observers gather around the wheel and all feel the excitement it brings. This also doesn’t even require you to be an expert to efficiently play.

Roulette is a fairly easy game to learn. Its players can place their wagers on numbers, group of numbers, or colors. All they need to do is wait for the dealer to spin the wheel in a clockwise direction and roll the ball counter-clockwise. All players that placed bets on a number, set of numbers or color where the ball lands win.

Friendly tip, if you plan on playing this on any land casinos, there’s a tradition that you shouldn’t be bringing any drinks near the roulette table. It is considered rude to do so. However, playing this online can surely give you that freedom.


Poker also offers plenty of variations, and it’s more of a category rather than an individual game. People really take this seriously and some people already see this game as a sport. You can even watch a poker tournament broadcasted on sports TV.

There’s really no exact variation of poker that is considered as most popular, but one of the common variations is the Three Card Poker. This is mainly because of how it’s easy to learn and fun to play. Basically, Three Card Poker only lets you make the best poker hand with just three cards.

You may even be astounded to find the different types of poker games that you can play.


Last on our list is a game that has been around for a very long time now. Blackjack is known to have started around the 16th century. It was first known as Ving-et-Un, which means 21 in French. The popularity of Blackjack is all thanks to its simplicity and directness.

You don’t need to take the time to study this game as all you really need to do is to beat the dealer without going over 21. The house edge is also fairly low for this game and it’s why people are attracted to play this.

Many variations are also available for this game and you can easily play any of these in most online casinos. This game is so popular that it’s impossible for any casinos to not have it.

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