Ohio State Fan Is Selling His Nut Bed Tailgating Trailer

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Are you tired of looking for hotel rooms in Columbus on Ohio State weekends? Do you want to get into the Ohio State tailgating scene, but don’t want to start out too fast because your wife or girlfriend (future wife) will torture you with a vicious guilt trip? This might be a solid option — the Nut Bed trailer being sold for $7,000.

The big problem with this one that I can see is the lack of bathroom facilities. Maybe you want to invest in one of those popup tents where you can put a portable toilet. That’s an option. Otherwise, I’d have to pass on the Nut Bed because these days I need a place to take a steaming dump on a Sunday morning after Ohio State curb stomps Michigan and I drank 40 beers after another glorious victory.

From the seller:

. Only slept in a few times, used for Tailgating at the Shoe. This camper is lightweight, easy to tow and even easier to set up and use. The bass weight of [email protected] is less than 1650 pounds and can be towed by most family cars. [email protected] features a fully functional kitchen with a range and sink a refrigerator, LP furnace and an air conditioner with a heat pump, Queen size bed. [email protected]’s interior storage space is amazing.
• Air Condition w/ Heat Pump
• Screen Door
• Awning
• AM /FM Stereo
• DVD / TV combo

Now if you just want a place to get out of the elements, warm up, make a couple eggs in the morning, etc. then this one is for you. It looks like the perfect little flop house that won’t take up much room in your driveway when you eventually get your hungover ass back to the house on Sundays in the fall to watch the Browns.

This is a common layout for a 2007 Dutchman. This isn’t the interior of the Nut Bed. For some reason the seller didn’t include pics from inside the trailer:

via Dutchman


via Craigslist via Craigslist via Craigslist via Craigslist
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