Aunt Becky’s Daughter Enjoying Summer Break, Steve Kerr Filthy Talk & Dennis Rodman Stealing?

It’s Byron Nelson weekend on the PGA Tour which means we’re going to get some great golf in Texas. That action gets rolling at 3:30, just after you finish your morning 18. You’ll also get Raptors at 76ers and Nuggets at Trail Blazers….on ESPN…I’ll pass. NBCSN counters with Game 1 of Hurricanes at Bruins. It’s also college softball conference tournament SZN…all the normal college channels will have action.

Aunt Becky’s daughter out & about…clearly not wanting to be at college

Dennis Rodman stealing clothes?

Steve Kerr let a couple f-bombs fly during presser

AAF employee claims there was major looting after league closed…even a coach carrying out a 55″ TV

Nick Saban talks Game of Thrones 

Buy Richard Nixon’s old house for $57.5 million

Florida Woman caught on camera rubbing a dog deuce on neighbor’s truck door handle

Here’s Mackenzie from Texas A&M

Watch That Divot Tiger Woods Video Memory of the Week

Tacos of the Day

Gronk’s Girlfriend Gets SI Cover, Aunt Becky Getting Cocky & Buy Shawn Kemp’s House
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