Ohio High School Goes On Lockdown After Orange Causes Fight, State Championship Trophy Injured

You’d never guess that tossing an orange into trash can and that orange taking a wild bounce & hitting another student would lead to a parent being called, then the parent coming to school and a brawl breaking out over the orange wild pitch and ultimately leading to the 2019 Ohio High School Girls Division 2 trophy being broken and possibly used as a weapon during the fight.

I know, I’m out of breath after writing that massive opening paragraph. It was a giant run-on sentence, but I clearly don’t care after all these years of blogging. Magazines and newspapers are out of business. I have to hook you guys with wild ass ledes.

From 13ABC:

A lackluster attempt at discarding an orange led to the arrest of a parent at Rogers High School Tuesday.

According to school officials, a student threw an orange in the garbage, which subsequently bounced out and hit another student. The student hit by the orange called a parent, who then came to the school, and a fight broke out when they arrived.

The parent broke the 2019 girls state basketball trophy during the altercation. The district plans on repairing it.

In these situations, as a longtime blogger who knows there’s clearly more to the story, I like to dig deeper and see what the neighborhood is saying on social. There’s chatter that “mom even hit one of the kids upside the head with a trophy.”

Still waiting for mugshots and crime scene photos of the trophy. Updates coming.

That is the state high school basketball championship trophy at the center of this brawl — no images of the errant orange that I know of:


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