Tiger Woods Has Been Wearing A Green Jacket Around His Restaurant

via Instagram

You want to see a power move? Stare at Tiger Woods walking around his Jupiter, Florida restaurant wearing THEE green jacket he just won at The Masters so every one of you who doubted this man can suck on his crab leg meat & waste more energy hating him more than you ever have. Tiger clearly wants you to see he’s enjoying every single moment in that jacket. Enjoys walking around the restaurant, taking photos, having photos taken while he pretends to not see you snapping away.

Look at Tiger hang that green jacket on the back of a seat at The Woods, the sign of a guy who is back to 6th place in the World Golf Rankings. It’s really, really good to be Eldrick right now. Did I mention that he’s won majors at two of the upcoming courses where the PGA and U.S. Open will be played?

Bridgestone is making big money. Tiger’s back to making big sponsorship money. Everything is bright and sunny for this guy right now.




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