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Here we go with Amazon making a push to be a NFL TV provider

From Pro Football Talk:

Via, the NFL could move its out-of-market streaming rights to Amazon or Disney. Amazon already streams Thursday Night Football, and Disney would surely love to boost the offerings of its in-house streaming service, ESPN+.

Recent tensions have emerged between the NFL and AT&T, which has purchased DirecTV. Meanwhile, ESPN has worked hard to rebuild bridges to 345 Park Avenue, and Amazon has become a behemoth in the streaming/sales space. Its value comes from the merger of viewing preferences and purchase habits, enabling Amazon to tailor commercials to viewers, who can make a purchase with the click of a button while otherwise watching a game.

Of course Amazon is making a push for the NFL. They’ve already put retail out of business, now it’s time to put cable companies out of business too. Of course they want to be able to tailor commercials so you can buy during commercials. I’m actually shocked networks haven’t figured out a method of doing this in 2019. You can buy from QVC via the UVerse channel, why not buy an iPhone during a Verizon commercial? Did you see the recent news about Verizon charging more to activate a phone at a Verizon store vs. doing it online? Say goodbye to Verizon stores here in a couple years. That’s coming.

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