Rachel Bush Decided To Break Instagram Before Game Of Thrones

What a day it was for the Internet. Tiger Woods won his first Masters of the Twitter era and then you have all the buildup to Game of Thrones tonight and before tonight’s episode you get Rachel Bush unleashing all out war on Instagram with one of the strongest bikinis in Instagram history. WHAT A DAY!

I was sitting here thinking after Tiger won that I’d just go about my day, have some Palm Sunday pizza and relax after another meat grinder week of BC with the national championship and then five days of Masters action. And then my phone started lighting up with IG DMs rolling in when Rachel unleashed her wrath on unsuspecting guys trying to be all holy around their family as they get ready for holy week. Of course I felt the need to get off the couch and make sure you guys are aware of Rachel’s Sunday Funday.

Once again, Rachel knows when to destroy the IG pretenders. Think about all those IG supermodels who knew Tiger was in the lead so they posted on IG as guys were losing their mind. It was an easy play for LIKES and FOLLOWS for the IG pretenders. Rachel saw it happening. She knew these pretenders were preying on easy targets so she swoops in with her blowtorch and eviscerates the competition.

Just another weekend of Rachel Bush vs. the pretenders and it ended with one simple post:

Fixing the pony 🤗 pic.twitter.com/bUmTIOVNLb

— Rachel (@Rachel__Bush) April 15, 2019

via IG Story/Rachel Bush