Artie Lange Alive & Picking Up Trash, Islanders Fan Seems Mad & Ladies Love The Masters Part 2

Let’s hope Barsik can get in beach shape before the 4th

From the NY Post:

He’s pussy galore. Barsik the cat, who was left at a Manhattan animal shelter, could be the world’s heaviest house kitty.

The 40-pound, flabby feline — who ironically is a picky eater — had a veterinarian appointment on the Upper West Side on Friday afternoon, and it was quite a trip getting him there.

The super fat cat needed a special extra-large carrier — and makeshift stroller — to bring him to Animal General on Columbus Avenue, said his foster mom and cat lover Angelique Iuzzolino to The Post.

Numbers from :

Las Vegas sports bettor James Holzhauer won $89,158 on Jeopardy! on Friday, the second-largest single-day win in the show’s 35 yrs. Holzhauer also owns the all-time record w/ $110,941.
Through 7 days, he is up $415,035 and is now 4th on the show’s all-time winnings list.

— David Payne Purdum (@DavidPurdum) April 13, 2019

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@bustedcoverage guy in black shorts has a thing for tiger!!! #masters
jadler (@rolljustin2) April 12, 2019

89158 is a zip code for Las Vegas.
H/t @Sprow

— David Payne Purdum (@DavidPurdum) April 13, 2019

We heard from Artie this morning, HA! -> “It’s true i’m working to satisfy my drug court program. I work with great people. Nothing wrong with a little hard work. Love you all and can’t wait to be back on stage."

— Artie Lange (@artiequitter) April 12, 2019

Love the playoff passion (from @mikefabus)

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) April 13, 2019

meg’s dad: forgive my ignorance but is this all necessary? can’t u just smoke it?

— denasia (@denasia325) April 11, 2019

Arrest this man!

— ESPN Drunk (@EspnDrunk) April 12, 2019

LA Times is on fire today. Proud to be a part of it

— Sports Cartoonist to the Stars (@JimmySportToons) April 13, 2019

SHOOK AT #themasters

— Chris Burns (@chris_burns65) April 12, 2019

Wilford Brimley spotted in Murfreesboro @bustedcoverage
Michael Stribling (@voltattoo) April 11, 2019

Barry Larkin on the Hooters shuttle to the Reds game with me. @bustedcoverage
Greg Rogers (@grog1324) April 11, 2019


— nick (@nick_pants) April 13, 2019