NSFWBDs React To Magic Johnson Quitting

In one of the strangest moves in NBA team president history, Magic Johnson called a press conference tonight in Los Angeles and told the assembled media that he was quitting as Lakers team president and then told the media that he hadn’t told owner Jeanie Buss about his plans. That’s right, Magic just went ahead and quit on the spot. No talking it over with the organization, just ended it right there.

One of Magic’s reasons for quitting: NBA tampering rules. He said something about not being able to tweet at DWade had something to do with his decision. I know, it’s all wild.

And it has left the NSFWBDs in a certain mood. They’re not cool with how the Lakers are a complete dumpster fire and about to fire Luke Walton too. It looks like LeBron will now get to pretty much run this organization this summer. Normally I wouldn’t say this, but I’m very interested in how this all works out. I’m sure Bron will figure out a way to blame Magic for all the issues.

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