Karina Elle In Summer Shape, T.O.’s Storage Unit Auctioned Off & Hunters Find 17-Foot Python

Those poor Wrestlemania fans and college basketball fans are going to have a brutal night staying up yet again until well after midnight. CBS says the tip tonight will be at like 9:09. That means this one is headed to midnight ET. WWE fans will get the always important Raw after Wrestlemania. And ESPN counters with Yankees-Astros. Don’t forget, Jim Nantz gives out a neck tie tonight.

Karina Elle is definitely ready for summer…she’s been working out

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T.O.’s storage unit auctioned off…loses some big items

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Chris Davis’ slump is an all-timer & he’s owed a bunch of money

Naked Florida Woman goes out on I-95 to cause havoc

17-foot python found in Florida

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