Alexis Ren Is Ready For Final Four, Things Get Heated In Philly & Couple Caught In The Act In Cincy

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Baseball and basketball and hockey and a soccer game or two…it’s actually going to be a busy day for those of you who can’t take a day off from sports betting. I remember those days. You come off a weekend high…maybe you hit a couple of games…you’re on a bender and you need that next high. Monday rolls around and you gotta keep that buzz rolling. That leads to betting day baseball on ESPN. You’ll also get a bunch of NBA to get your fix. Ahh, I don’t miss the days when I was addicted to sports betting.

Alexis Ren looks ready for the Final Four

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Pulled Pork Fries of the Day

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Pulled pork fries from @fryguysnyc 🙌🏻

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