Michael Irvin ‘Terrified’ After Throat Biopsy

Michael Irvin revealed today on Instagram that he’s been dealing with health issues relating to his throat and that he has undergone a throat biopsy to see what caused him to lose his voice for almost two months. Irvin implies in the post that he’s terrified it’s throat cancer, which took his dad at 51; Michael turned 53 on March 5.

I know it’s not cool when things get all serious on here and big boy stuff gets discussed, but it tends to be good for all of us now and then to remind us it’s not all a big joke. Hate to see the man in this situation and feeling this way.

Michael Irvin wrote on Instagram:

Spent Sun & Mon in LA at UCLA medical Health (Ronald Reagan Hospital) doing health test. I would not usually do this but this I need to share. Growing up in the ghetto of Ft Lauderdale the one thing you have to conquer to get out is FEAR. I did!

As a football player the no fear gift served me well as a blessing and an asset on the field but sometimes off the field it’s been a curse and a liability. This past football season after the @dallascowboys beat the @Saints i was so elated and hyped I lost my voice and the problem persisted for almost 2months. After visiting some of the best throat Doctors they thought it to be wise to take a deeper look at the situation. So we schedule and performed a throat biopsy.

To give background I share with you that I lost my father at the young age of 51. He had throat cancer. This daemon has chased and vexed me deep in my spirit all my life. So saying I am afraid this time is a big big understatement. I AM TERRIFIED!! My Faith tells me whenever you face great fear you go to your greatness power. Mine is God. I am asking all who will.

Could you please send up a prayer to help my family and I deal with whatever the results may be? Thanks for your thoughts and prayers in advance🙏🏾🙏🏾I will continue to pray for your fams protection and prosperity as well. May God Bless us all 🙏🏾🙏🏾‬

Been there, Playmaker. This shitt will play with your head my man. It will take you to a place you don’t want to go and the best thing I did in that case was to go talk to a counselor. I remember her saying to take things one day at a time and that I could be hit by a car an hour after leaving her office. I remember January 2014 very well. I’d had surgery to remove a cancerous spot on my back and I was going to New York for Super Bowl festivities. I’m pretty sure my doctor had already told me that they found a lymph node in my right armpit that came back positive.

You want to talk about being shook tf up? I wasn’t getting on that plane without anti-anxiety pills, the first serious pill of any kind I’d taken in my life. I remember the hospital sent the prescription to the wrong pharmacy and I pretty much flipped out. My mind was in a very bad spot and it had to be taken down a notch.

I feel for Irvin here, especially when he writes about the demons. Absolutely spot on. It’s haunting stuff. Gotta pull for Playmaker to get a cancer-free diagnosis so he can get his mind right and get on with his life.


Here’s the November Saints-Cowboys game Irvin mentioned:

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