Baker Mayfield Takes On American Airlines For Fiance, Fits In A Workout Too

IG Story/Emily Wilkinson

Baker had himself a solid Monday from Los Angeles where he had to go to war with American Airlines over how they’re treating his fiance during a very difficult time where she’s trying to get to her bachelorette party his weekend, but the airline is jerking her around which is not going to be acceptable to a future Super Bowl champion quarterback.

The Browns QB, clearly feeling a little dangerous, fired up Twitter, said his peace to AA and then traded a couple of rounds with blue checkmarks before going back to life getting his body ready for a Super Bowl run in Cleveland where he’s about to endure an incredibly long season — and he’s getting married in July. The guy is going to have a crazy year and there’s no room for American to be jerking around fiance Emily Wilkinson.

Bet they got this settled real fast and some loser lost his/her seat to Em.

I’m working on getting the registry so Browns fans can inundate this guy with gifts. Personally, I just want the autographed wedding gift thank you notecard for my collection. Stay tuned for this:

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