Baker Mayfield Takes On American Airlines For Fiance, Fits In A Workout Too

Baker Mayfield working out

IG Story/Emily Wilkinson

Baker had himself a solid Monday from Los Angeles where he had to go to war with American Airlines over how they’re treating his fiance during a very difficult time where she’s trying to get to her bachelorette party his weekend, but the airline is jerking her around which is not going to be acceptable to a future Super Bowl champion quarterback.

The Browns QB, clearly feeling a little dangerous, fired up Twitter, said his peace to AA and then traded a couple of rounds with blue checkmarks before going back to life getting his body ready for a Super Bowl run in Cleveland where he’s about to endure an incredibly long season — and he’s getting married in July. The guy is going to have a crazy year and there’s no room for American to be jerking around fiance Emily Wilkinson.

Bet they got this settled real fast and some loser lost his/her seat to Em.

Hey @AmericanAir, my fiancé has her bachelorette party this weekend and y’all cancelled her direct flight… changed her ticket and seat.. it’s no longer nonstop. I’m not sure how y’all do business but I’m pretty sure this isn’t how it’s supposed to go…. AND without a refund…

— Baker Mayfield (@bakermayfield) March 25, 2019

Actually I’m the one saying something Tony… get lost. If I can take care of her I’m going to. Is that so hard to comprehend? Chivalry is dead in your eyes.

— Baker Mayfield (@bakermayfield) March 25, 2019

I’m working on getting the registry so Browns fans can inundate this guy with gifts. Personally, I just want the autographed wedding gift thank you notecard for my collection. Stay tuned for this:

Where's the wedding registry? I want to buy a gift for you & the future wife.

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) March 26, 2019