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This is just weird to hear this…what’s the best sportsbook to watch March Madness in Pennsylvania?


Q: Of the sportsbooks in Pennsylvania, which is most suited to handle a big crowd later this week? Does one have to choose between potential comfort and longer lines for betting? Any help would be appreciated.

— Bernie Greenberg, Philadelphia

A: In Southeastern Pennsylvania, I’d recommend Parx in Bensalem. It’s pretty big and has more than two dozen kiosks. Also, there are several viewing options (bars/restaurants) outside of the sportsbook if things get a little tight. One other thing I like is that it also has some kiosks sprinkled throughout the casino floor.

I spent four years of my life living in Pennsylvania and having to use a bookie to place March Madness bets. I can’t imagine how nice it is to just go down to the local casino and place a couple bets, grab a hot dog, make it a day with your friends. Imagine how nice it must be to not have to fly to Vegas to get that experience. What a year to be a sports bettor in Pa. That said, glad I stopped betting sports. Damn near ruined my life, but it did lead me to founding Busted so that was good out of a dark period.

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