Mike Trout Is Smart

I’ve been thinking about this Mike Trout $430 million extension this morning and trying to come up with some bold take here, but all I keep thinking about is that California weather, chill Angels baseball fans who eat an edible, catch a game and then go back to their incredible life in the O.C. without a worry in the world. The sun is always shining. The beach is lovely. The grass is incredibly green. It’s just a different green in California. And Mike Trout gets to live that life for the rest of his baseball career.

Just show up, stroke the ball, play late night games that the New York and Boston media doesn’t care about and go about your life. Maybe have a couple kids, vacation in Hawaii just to get away from the California traffic, catch Eagles games when they come to L.A. a couple times a year.

Ru nailed it with this tweet. I went in a little different direction and added in Costco because I have this feeling that Mike is a Costco guy. Has a Costco name. Has to love the Costco jalapeno lime chips. Has to.

Mike could’ve gone back to Philadelphia in a couple years to team up with Bryce Harper, but this is a situation that reminds me of when Ken Griffey Jr. went home to Cincinnati. There was the euphoria — 2000 season he comes out and goes 40 & 118 RBI — and then there were the injuries and the fans having to deal with the fact that the hometown hero would never be able to bring that title to the city. Of course Reds fans never turned on Junior (3 ASGs in 9 seasons), but they’re not exactly Phillies fans. It could go very bad in Philly and Mike would have that on his shoulders the rest of his life.

Or he could cash it all in and hit up Lowes on a Saturday & work on projects and maybe garden for the rest of his life. Mike will be 27 this season. I know, it’s absolutely nuts he’s entering his peak physical career year and he’s already sitting on two league MVPs, a hall of fame career and not a paparazzi in sight. Absolutely fascinating and he doesn’t have to put up with wall-to-wall nonsense media coverage. I’m sure the media guys at the games are all on edibles and chill AF just like the fans.

Roll on, Mike Trout. We’ll see you in Canton where you’ll be able to walk the streets & be unrecognizable. What a gift that will be in 12 years when nobody will have a bad thing to say about you. Treasure it.

No way you’d recognize this guy at an event in L.A. Impossible. What a life.

Just out getting gas & one guy gets an autograph…the guy drives himself around town!

Went to see JT…indistinguishable:

Goes to Top Golf, can’t tell he’s highest paid player in baseball:

Mike barely has an online presence, can post a snow video on IG and that’s plenty to keep boring baseball fans happy:

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AZ ❄️❄️!!

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