Jon Rahm Nearly Hits Baby With Errant Shot, Drills A Guy In The Chest, Defies His Caddie, Finishes 12th

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Can’t say I’ve seen many babies at golf tournaments in all the years I’ve been watching golf tournaments. I thought there were a couple places you didn’t take babies — to VFWs back when people were allowed to smoke in VFWs & golf tournaments. Completely off limits. Then again, the Players Championship is played in Florida so you just know something crazy is about to happen at TPC Sawgrass.

And then Jon Rahm stepped up to hit his shot on the par-4 fourth hole and sailed one into a guy’s chest just off the green. If you look close, you’ll see a lady holding a baby. A BABY! I could see a baby at the 18th hole with a mother whose husband is about to win some big tournament. But on the 4th hole? Seriously, a baby?

Hey parents, no babies at the golf course. And if you’re going to bring them to the course, you might want to stay back away from where a guy is trying to hit a green. I’m not a parenting expert, but it just seems to be the right thing to do.

There’s a good shot of the woman holding the baby:

It was a rough day all around for Rahm…there was also this moment with his caddie:

From the NY Post:

But as good as McIlroy’s win was, it was a fellow pro who stole the headlines on the day after a costly mistake. Spanish golfer Jon Rahm held the lead entering the final day’s play and sat in a tie for the lead on the 11th hole of the final round.

But after landing in the bunker he went against the advice of his caddie.

Adam Hayes advised Rahm to lay it up, but Rahm shunned the advice and chose to go for the green. He then watched his shot land straight in the water.

“I think this will go down in history as the most baffling decision ever struck here at this event,” commentator Brandel Chamblee said.

Jon shot a final round 76 & in a tie for 12th place and took home $253,125.

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