Hannah Palmer Gets March Madness Rolling, Tom Brady Autograph Session Price Is Crazy & Auburn Wins

ESPN has two NBA games tonight including Warriors-Spurs. There’s also a couple of spring training baseball games to fall asleep to after that St. Patrick’s Day rager you went on yesterday. There’s also some day time curling on NBCSN. And then tonight you’ll get bowling on FS1. That’s right, it’s a night to rest up for March Madness.

β€’ Hannah Palmer gets the week off and running

β€’ This Georgia gym teacher is in trouble for sleeping with a student

β€’ Tom Brady autograph session won’t be cheap…wait until your kids see these prices

β€’ Auburn wins SEX tournament

β€’ FC Cincinnati fans put on a show for team’s MLS opener

β€’ Report: Carlos Santana smashed a TV because Phillies were playing Fortnite

β€’ WV weather anchor who was fired for fighting main anchor at bar has changed her name

β€’ Here’s Christina from West Virginia

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