Guy Tries To Rob Alabama Gas Station With A Knife, Worker Pulls Machete, Fights Back & Beats On Getaway Car

via Huntsville Police Department

Never bring an undersized knife to a machete knife fight or something like that. That’s the lesson for an Alabama Man who thought it would be a good idea to pull a knife and demand money from a Huntsville gas station only to learn a lesson. The lesson is that the guy on the other end might have a bigger knife and be willing to fight back.

Normally I wouldn’t sing the praises of the surveillance video, but this one is really good. Watch the clerk go tf off on the getaway car and the woman helping pull the robbery. That dude does some serious damage on that

From WHNT:

Sunday, Huntsville Police confirmed Laney Nicholson, 33, and Seth Holcomb, 32, were both arrested after attempting to rob the Conoco on Pulaski Pike.

Authorities said Holcomb entered the gas station and started to buy something, going back and forth to his car several times before pulling a large knife on the clerk and demanding cash.

Holcomb tried to leave the store, but authorities said the clerk auto-locked the door and pulled a bigger knife, a machete, on Holcomb.

Authorities stated the two parties got into a knife fight, tearing up much of the store in the process.

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The criminals who are lucky their heads didn’t get chopped off by that clerk who was clearly not playing games:

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