Gronk Coming Back?

Gronk and Camille Kostek enjoy a boat party

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Gronk is either coming back to the NFL or just trying to stay in shape before he turns 30, retires and then goes over to the WWE for a few years of work while making movies and doing commercials for the rest of his life. Gronk was spotted this weekend at a hot yoga class where NFL beat writer Omar Kelly’s wife happened upon the Gronkster, not knowing it was the tight end legend.

So my wife goes to a hot yoga class on Saturday and she tells me that some football player was in the class. She says he was super stiff, but worked hard to get it right. I was like…. you remember his name? She was like NO, but I have a picture. Gronk’s training in Miami.

Pretty sure I’ve said it before, but we need Gronk in the NFL and it’ll be a shame if he retires, leaving us without an interesting character unless you think Travis Kelce’s act is enjoyable. So go do that hot yoga, enjoy that Florida weather, keep those joints well oiled…we need you.

I love that the word “training” is being used:

Earlier this month:

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