Rachel Bush With Another Lesson For Instagram Pretenders

For those of you who haven’t been following along this week, Rachel Bush and husband Jordan Poyer have been enjoying some alone time in Brazil where they’ve been catching all the sights and hitting the hot spots while filling up the Instagram content folder. Possibly sensing she hasn’t been pumping out nearly enough of the A+ content for her fans and the Instagram pretenders, Rachel went out today and once again took a blowtorch to the social media platform with a shot that appears to have been saved for a blowtorch day.

The blowtorch photo was so groundbreaking that it appeared to trigger Poyer into a comment for that apple shot.  Look, I’ve said it over and over again when it comes to Rachel Bush content…she knows exactly the perfect times to remind the IG pretenders that they need to step tf off and show some respect to the GOAT who redefined this game like two years ago. This apple shot is clearly a sign this week that the GOAT isn’t playing games even if she’s way down in Brazil working on the tan & glutes.

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How much can you handle 🍎

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