Odell Coming To Put In Bay, Devin Brugman Destroying The Bahamas & Mike Has To Sell His Boat

And it’s Kyler Murray’s pro day…the NFL wins another day

From Pro Football Talk:

So when Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray works out for scouts and coaches on Wednesday, what will he do?

It’s still not entirely clear. Peter King of Football Morning in America suggested that Murray possibly will only throw on Wednesday, playing a 60-to-100 rep game of pitch and catch with a handful of his former Sooners teammates.

Some reports have suggested that Murray will do everything at the workout, from stepping on a scale to standing for a measurement to running 40 yards in a straight line to everything else quarterbacks do at the Scouting Combine. But why should he do it all? Really, why should he do any of it?

Didn’t I just say a week or so ago that we’re headed for a time when guys going into the Draft use their pro day as a marketing day and you’ll get what you get? And it’ll eventually be sold off to an app and if you want to see it, you’ll have to pay for that content? Kyler Murray is pretty much telling us this year that you’ll get what you get and be happy it’s not going to cost you. Fans will already pay money to watch guys stand and talk to the media at Super Bowl Week opening night. Of course they’re going to pay to possibly see their future quarterback workout. It’s coming, just a matter of time.

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$38 MILLION LIGHT BILL? A New York man tweeted his shock when the power company accidentally sent him an electricity bill for $38 million! Turns out, he only owed $77.00. pic.twitter.com/5TbrcROiEo

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I doubt Baker’s agent wants to demand a trade now.

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"Roll Tide!" says the newest @BacheloretteABC.

Alabama native and UA grad Hannah Brown will be looking for love as #TheBachelorette on the reality series, which starts in May.

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