Woman Crushes Six-Pack Of Stella In Target Dressing Room, Gets Arrested For Shoplifting

via Lathrop Police

Elysia Johnson probably would’ve gotten away with smashing a six pack of Stella in a Target dressing room in one hour if she wouldn’t have followed up that shoplifting by then walking out of the store with over $200 in stolen items. All of a sudden those loss prevention bros working the eyes in the sky were on her like white on rice because they were about to lose goods they could see they were about to lose.

Think about this for a minute: the Target security team didn’t go to that dressing room after Elysia spent 30 minutes slamming beers. There’s reason to believe they didn’t know she was in there chugging beers. In the end, Elysia screwed up, but it was probably the buzz talking.

From the Lathrop Police:

Shoplifter consumes alcohol before exiting the store.

Yesterday at about 3:30 pm, Elysia Johnson entered the Target store in Lathrop. She placed several items into a shopping cart and hand basket. While walking around the store she also grabbed a six pack of Stella Artois beer and walked into the dressing room. She stayed in the dressing room for over an hour.

After consuming the six beers, Johnson exited the store without paying for any items. She had over $200 worth of items in her possession.

The Target loss prevention detained her and she was later booked in the San Joaquin County Jail for shoplifting along with three additional warrants.


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