Michigan Man & Woman Arrested For Boning In Ohio Resort Hot Tub

via Erie County Jail

You know a place I’ve heard is a complete dumpster fire? Kalahari Resorts in Sandusky, Ohio just a couple miles from the causeway to Cedar Point. After the latest incident involving a Michigan couple (allegedly) banging in a hot tub, I think my family will keep avoiding the place. Give me a nice Holiday Inn Express that’s over-chlorinated.

Kamden Mack and Taylor Coats are accused of deflowering the hot tub and I’m fairly disgusted right now.

From the Sandusky Register:

Kamden Mack, 25, of Ann Arbor, was charged with felony escape and misdemeanor persistent disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing. Taylor Coats, 22, of Hudson, Michigan, was also charged with misdemeanor persistent disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing.

Erie County sheriff’s deputies responded to Kalahari Resorts at about 8:15 p.m. after a lifeguard reported catching a man and woman allegedly having intercourse in a hot tub, according to a report. Security told deputies the man, identified as Mack, allegedly became “irate” after being confronted by the lifeguard.

Of course that’s not where things ended. There was an escape attempt, Taylor tried to hide, etc. Go read the full report on what these two were up to.

I’d like to hear more from Kalahari or the police report on exactly what area the boning went down just in case I ever have to stay there for work, I can know which hot tub has been boned in. No. 22 says Indoor/Outdoor Spa. Maybe it’s that area. I’d have to hear from some Kalahari experts to know for sure if that’s the only hot tub area.

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