Coyotes Superfan Mackenzie Dipman Brought Morgan Castoe Along Last Night

Mackenzie Dipman, officially a Coyotes superfan, asked her followers last week if they wanted more sports-related content out of her. I’m not sure how that poll ended up — I voted yes, BTW — but there was Mackenzie at Tuesday night’s home game against the Ducks and this time she brought along her dime partner in crime Morgan Castoe. These two — I’m calling it right now — are the Hottest Tag Team In The NHL.

Now it’s time for the Coyotes marketing team to realize what they have on their hands. It’s time for a secret backroom deal between the marketing team and a local club to get Mackenzie and Morgan behind the opposing team’s bench as a diversion program. I need these two sitting right behind the Ducks, which ended with the Coyotes losing 3-1.

Folks, we know these hockey guys are easily thrown off their games via chirping and/or by IG models sitting behind the bench. The Kings used this form of mind games to Stanley Cup titles. The Coyotes have the ability to make this happen, it’s just a matter of the marketing team taking action. Clearly Mackenzie and Morgan are ready to own the playoffs, but time is getting tight.

The Coyotes are three points out of the final playoff spot in the Pacific division. It’s time to call in reinforcements.

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