Ohio Man Bar Owner (Allegedly) Slams His Bartender During Feud

This video is allegedly of an Ohio bar owner grabbing his bartender by the neck

from Twitter

Findlay, Ohio bar owner Dale Dean Suter of the Walnut Saloon is in big trouble after being arrested for assaulting his bartender and it was all caught on video last week. What started as a heated bartender vs. bar owner heated up rather quickly as Suter moved behind the bar to tell Connie she had been fired. That’s when things get physical and Connie gets slammed into the bar.

The Walnut, a five-star on Yelp (granted, it has one review) before it’s Yelp was infiltrated by Facebook users, will now find itself in the national spotlight over this once it goes viral later tonight.

So apparently the owner of the Walnut Saloon is a fucking psycho…

Not that I'm surprised, but still 🤪 pic.twitter.com/U5AykkHpOy

— Assholes Of Findlay (@findlayassholes) March 5, 2019

Suter was reportedly arrested, bonded out and has a March 13 court date.

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