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I have really good concession news if you go to Falcons games

From Pro Football Talk:

The team announced a drop of concession pricesfor five items at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, including making their famous $2 hot dog a $1.50 hot dog.

They lowered the prices on a number of food items in 2017, and saw a 16 percent increase in revenues, as the goodwill generated by affordable concessions made fans likelier to loosen their wallets and their belts.

They also sold the $2 hot dogs at the Super Bowl, where nothing is cheap, and they were the top-selling item.

The new prices will go into effect immediately at MLS games there. In addition to being able to get a tube steak for six quarters (though they’re going cashless, so don’t bring six quarters), they’ve dropped the prices of pretzel bites (from $5 to $4.50), burgers ($8 to $7.50), ice cream in a waffle cone ($5 to $4.50), and chips and salsa ($3 to $2.50).

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