Sterling Shepard & Wife Chanel Iman Seem To Be Having A Good Time On The Saquon & Baker Trip

I’m not sure if the Baker Mayfield, Saquon & Sterling Shepard Spring Break is over — the IGs dried up — yet, but what’s clear is that the winner has to be Sterling and model wife Chanel Iman. We’re talking about new parents able to get away from the baby, hangout with friends, go out on a yacht and fill up the IG content folder with new material. That’s a big win for any new family. The wife gets to feel like she has a life again. The husband gets to hang with a couple of contemporaries, maybe have some rum, compare pecs, that sort of thing.

Look, going into this trip I figured it would be very respectable, quiet, just normal 20-something fun. Had to figure the group would end up on a yacht, maybe visit pigs on a beach (not sure if Turks is that island where the IGs always go) and enjoy the blue waters. These aren’t Johnny Manziels we are dealing with here. You would’ve already known these three were jerkoffs if they were going to be off-the-field jerkoffs. They go on one trip and I already know you’re looking at guys who are going to still be playing when I’m old and my kids are figuring out where they’re going to college.

The other great news out of this one is that it’s not like one of those Bron vacations with the guys where he makes sure the paparazzi knows where they’ll be banana boating so there are pics. I would assume that Baker handled reservations. He seems like the kind of guy who likes to plan trips, like a midwestern woman planning out five days (Sun.-Thursday) in Vegas. Baker clearly has his head on straight here. Closed social media, just got that R&R. Same with Saquon. Good for these guys. Proud. And no Drake dicc riding. Refreshing.

Baker Mayfield enjoying the pool

via IG Story