Sammy Sosa Back To Looking Weird, Manny Ramirez Wearing A Yankees Hat & Mom Likes Roman Reigns

Here we go with the hand size thing at the Combine

From Pro Football Talk:

According to Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network, the latest size question about Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray is whether his mitts are big enough.

“There’s not a quarterback in the NFL that has a smaller hand than like a 9 — a 9-inch hand, the span from the thumb to the pinkie,” an NFC executive told Pelissero. “They say [Murray’s] could be really small, like 8 5/8 or 8 7/8.”

An unnamed NFC Scout added:  “He’s got a good arm for a guy that size. You do see him at times not be able to spin it. You see it come out pretty good, but if you’re looking at the college ball and counting revolutions on the actual stripes, it doesn’t look like there’s a ton of velocity just buzzing off his hand.”

Did I read that right, the scout is counting revolutions of the stripes? I’m just over here trying to watch a sport to forget about kids screaming and fighting and there are guys out there getting paid to count stripe revolutions. What a time to be alive.

Numbers from :

James Harden's 32-game streak of scoring 30+ points ended against the Hawks on Monday.

There are now two active 30-point streaks in the league: Russell Westbrook…at 3 straight games and Bradley Beal with 2 straight.

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) February 26, 2019

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