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There’s a whole bunch of spin out there about the AAF…let’s hear from the guy who committed $250 million

From Pro Football Talk:

Dundon said he’s not spending $250 million right away, but he is putting up that much money to ensure that the league isn’t worried about going out of business.

“The league has many years of cash if things don’t go according to plan,” Dundon said. “The way we set it up, I think, is well in excess of what I think we’ll need for the league to be sustainable or profitable without me having to prop it up.”

Dundon said he told Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian, the AAF’s founders, that they jumped into starting the league too quickly, but he’s still impressed with what they’ve accomplished so far.

“You shouldn’t have done it so fast, you shouldn’t have done it with the capital structure, but it’s pretty amazing what you accomplished,” Dundon said.

Ok, so let’s dig through the spin here. It sounds like the AAF definitely didn’t have the cash to keep this thing rolling along. They miraculously found a guy in Dundon who miraculously wanted to jump in between Week 1 and Week 2. It just happens that the AAF changes payroll operations and there’s a glitch that delays payments after Week 1. Then comes the Dundon news. I predict Ebersol went to Dundon, said he could have the league with massive investment because they were burning serious cash, Dundon finally heard a deal he could stomach and the deal was done very fast. Those that work for CBS and others with an investment here can spin it however they want, the new guy in charge says they shouldn’t have done the league with the capital structure they were working with. I’ll take his word for it and not the spin zoners.

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