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Went to a funeral last night for my mom’s cousin and…

…I couldn’t stop thinking about how prevalent petty bullshit is involved in day to day life and how the light switch can go off at any moment and then got my mind right by thinking of living in the moment. Brian was out snowblowing a week ago today, took a break, got in his car to warm up, turned on Springsteen and died. Just like that. Over. I was the ring bearer in his wedding.

I think about what has been built here at BC and how the goal still remains the same as it was from day one: give those of you who are worn out by the daily grind and working at jobs you hate just the smallest of outlets to escape that grind. It sucks that a funeral has to be the place to reset me, but then I get in the car and drive north two hours and I have the chance to think about how we’re going to get back on that track of giving you guys that outlet. One of the first emails I saw when I sat down this morning was from Busch. Thanks for posting Kevin Harvick’s car cans…and it sounds stupid, but the first thing I thought was it’s time to get you guys something like shirts or hats or koozies….something…to get you pumped up for the Daytona 500.

Time to reset and get back to helping you guys escape and have some fun because at the end of the day we can either be miserable and let that misery run our lives until the lights go out or we can laugh a little and enjoy this stupid website that so many of you continue to enjoy. So we’ll see what Busch comes up with and keep plodding along and hopefully laughing.

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Kyle & Samantha Busch Do Interesting Workout, Shaq With JLo & Steelers Fan Beats His TV
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