Olivia Munn Hits The Slopes, Saints Fan Obit You Have To See & Holly Sonders – AGAIN!

Binion’s is coming back…please just update the place and keep it cool AF like it was back in the mid-2000s

From the Las Vegas Sun:

As early as this summer, Binion’s Gambling Hall — the iconic downtown Las Vegas property — will be back in the hospitality business with renovations that include a boutique hotel and a see-through saloon with a rotating bar.

The property on Tuesday announced that hospitality will return with the addition of the 81-room Hotel Apache, a boutique two-floor concept that features vintage-style furnishing with dark brown and red hues.

The upcoming version was inspired by the original Hotel Apache, which opened at the same location in 1932, Lager said. “(We’re) taking it back in time,” he said.

On the southwest corner of the property, underneath the Fremont Street Experience canopy, sits the Whiskey Licker Bar.

Above it, crews are building a 6,500-square-foot saloon, which will be called Whiskey Licker Up, Lager said.

The facility will have a glass ceiling and large, glass windows that can retract when the weather is nice, Lager said. Revelers will have an unobstructed view of the LED canopy and zipline riders, who will buzz a few feet above them, he said.

I’m a little nervous as to what this all means, but I know it can’t go back to exactly how it was back when I first started going there as a young gambler. I hope they still have the drink clickers for the dealers & the ceilings remain low. BEGGING. Don’t go destroying it too much.

Numbers from :

The Lakers' 42-point loss was the worst by a LeBron James team in a game that LeBron played.

The Lakers have lost 11 games by 40+ points in franchise history. 7 of those 11 losses have come since 2014. pic.twitter.com/wUM62QelSP

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) February 6, 2019

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Bielema présent avec le staff et ses anciens Razorbacks 👀 https://t.co/MC1ADOamsj
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Gracias #SBLIII, gracias Atlanta, gracias equipo Fox Sports y gracias a quien siguió nuestra cobertura. #DiosEsBueno 🙏🏾 pic.twitter.com/1vovaGp7VT

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This is when you know you’ve arrived: when you’re honored with the luxury of watching the Super Bowl with two Hall of Famers. pic.twitter.com/XEn5WbNjie

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Melania frantically trying to recall if she reserved Donald’s tee times for tomorrow, Thursday, Friday & Saturday#SOTU⁠ ⁠ pic.twitter.com/gQDfhJoo5v

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Methinks the unending "More…More" by the Pelicans was hidden revenge for the #NFCCHAMPIONSHIPGAME game.
You know, the one New Orleans will be whining about for the next 20 years. #Pelicans #Lakers #LakersNation #NBA pic.twitter.com/y6jHNrZL3m

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Just a man and… His deli slicer. pic.twitter.com/YKeqBnR0dJ

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