Shelby Chesnes With Big IG Dreams, Inside The Cubs Owner’s Inbox & Buy Blake Griffin’s House

Boston College at Duke tonight at 7 on ESPN will be on your radar. So will Michigan State at Illinois on the Deuce. And what about Kansas at Kansas State…throw out the records there at 9 on ESPN and you’re also getting a double dip on TNT. Just one of those nights when you turn on all your devices and watch basketball that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme. Maybe throw some money on Duke, sit back and wait for Alliance Football to kickoff Saturday on CBS. I finally have one TV on the wall in the basement, the kids’ playroom is painted and now I need to tile about 100 sq. ft. of that room and then it’s on to tiling a wall. Just crushing the to-do list around here lately.

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Keep In Mind That This Guy Will Forever Be The Greatest Dynasty In Sports Video of the Month

Your Moment of Flair…been seeing all this GOAT talk this week…keep in mind Ric still has 10 more world championships than the Patriots QB

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) February 5, 2019

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