NSFWBDs React To Tom Brady Kissing Bob Kraft

I missed this last night because I was at a party and was probably doing shots or getting another Truly, but there were plenty of NSFWBD requests from you guys who thought I would get on that immediately. That’s not how this works — you have to let the BDs marinate and really let loose after a little time to digest Tom Brady and Robert Kraft sharing a kiss after winning their sixth Super Bowl.

We already know where the BDs stand on Tommy kissing his son with an open mouth. Now we get this from Tommy after a boring Super Bowl. Of course this is going to create some action inside the BD community. They’re weirded out by all of this and now you throw in Tommy kissing a 77 year old and it’s on.

Once again, when you want the real analysis from these stories, you go straight to the BDs and jump on the real talk express.

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NSFWBDs Analyze Groundhog Day & Punxsutawney Phil
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