Stacey King Knows Boobs

via Twitter

The great Stacey King was up to his normal fun self Wednesday night during the Bulls-Heat game in Miami when a shot of Floyd Mayweather courtside turned into Stacey telestrating the great boobs in the second row. The Bulls are 12-40, trying to suck for a top-two pick and Stacey is bored out of his mind. Of course he’s going to go hunting for a great rack. This is Miami…and he’s not doing anything us normal guys wouldn’t be doing in Miami on a Wednesday night.

I’m not sure how someone didn’t tag me on the video until last night, but if I know one thing about you guys on a Saturday morning, it’s that this is the content you’re looking for. Now I need to go paint the kids’ playroom in the basement. Gotta knock some goals off the list so I’m ready to roll with the basement for March Madness.

Now let’s go back to when Stacey tried to say Giannis’s last name a couple years back…the guy is a treasure:

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Jim Boeheim Peed His Pants – Again?
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