Sammi Hanratty Is Ready For The Super Bowl, Big Time Super Bowl Ticket Scam & Ryan Howard Sells

Michigan at Iowa at 7 on FS1 if that’s your kind of thing. Or maybe Celtics-Knicks on ESPN if you want constant trade talk. Or maybe Rockets-Nuggets late night if you want to hear ESPN talk about LeBron for three hours. Personally, I’m going to throw on the Waste Management this afternoon, hope for insane drunken content out of the bros and there’s those final hours of Super Bowl week from the Radio Row stations.

Sammi Hanratty takes us right into Super Bowl weekend

Florida strippers get into a fight, one stripper ends up looking like this

Gronk perfectly fine with how his smokin hot girlfriend looks…suck it, modeling agencies

Ryan Howard has already sold his wild AF Florida house…and it’s a wild AF selling price

Got ourselves an old fashioned frat beatdown at Penn State and it involves athletes

We’ve got ourselves a big time Super Bowl ticket scam

Florida Woman TV anchor popped for DUI…and there’s a mugshot

Here’s Lora Lyle from Washington State

One of the Worst Flops in the History of Man Videos of the Week

Chicken Wings Of The Day

Elsa Pataky Out Here Throwing Fastballs, Roger Clemens’ Son Brutally Beaten & Saban Tells DEEZ NUTS Jokes?
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