Texas Woman Dovie Nickels Arrested For Pleasuring Herself In Downtown Austin, Kept Going In Police Cruiser

via Local 10

26-year-old Dovie Nickels really knows how to go viral on the Internet. She decided, maybe not in the right mind, to start masturbating in Austin around 5 p.m., just causing a scene with her legs up in the air and making moaning noises. You know, really going at it. I’m not going to say I hate it, but I’m going to say you might want to take it to a private room or deal with the long arm of the law. This just might be a case of it couldn’t wait.

From the Austin American-Statesman:

Two officers, responding to a complaint from the JW Marriott Austin hotel around 5:20 p.m., encountered Nickels across the street, sitting alone at a patio table at Second Bar + Kitchen in the 200 block of Congress Avenue, according to an arrest affidavit. When an officer approached, she stopped moving her arms under the table and placed them on top of it, the document said. That’s when officers “observed that Nickels was not wearing any pants.”

Officers said she continued to masturbate even after she was handcuffed and placed in the back seat of a patrol vehicle.

The employee told police that he saw her “holding a silver object” to her genitals “with her legs straight up in the air, spread open” and that he “could hear Nickels making moaning noises,” according to the affidavit.

Look, I’m not an expert here, but Dovie’s eyes tell me quite a bit. I see those eyes from a certain segment of society and that face is sinking and I have a feeling it’s not from a keto diet. A quick check for other mugshots reveals this one from 2017. It seems like Dovie is having a tough time staying out of trouble.


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