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Ever wanted to watch the Super Bowl from the beach on a giant floating screen?

From Timeout:

Miami will be watching along on Sunday, February 3, and one party in particular will be watching in the most Miami way possible. The water-based advertising and events company Ballyhoo Media is throwing a watch party at Virginia Key Beach Park where guests can watch the big game on one of their floating 48-foot screens. (The Ballyhoo team did the same thing last year for the World Cup and it was quite the experience.)

You can watch from the sand or swim right up to the screen for a closer look at Tom Brady’s magnificent skin. Over on dry land, the party will have a DJ, food, beer from Concrete Beach and games like giant beer pong and cornhole for folks to enjoy before kickoff.

The party goes from 3pm to 11pm and tickets are $15 via

Here’s my thing…the game kicks at 6:30. Are you really going to want to be in the ocean at 6:30 when it’s dark? I’m thinking this would be cool for something when the sun is up, the party is raging and it’s the middle of the day and you want to just crush vodkas. But at 6:30? I’d rather watch it from the couch where I can control the remote and don’t have to worry about idiots and sand.

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