Sean McVay’s Bros Threw Him In The Air To Celebrate NFC Title

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This is going to blow your mind — it turns out that Sean McVay has bros with perfect hair (including one man bun) and these bros celebrated Sean and the Rams winning the NFC title game with an old fashioned throw the coach in the air celebration dance. No clue who the bros are, but this is a sign that football is starting to take hold again in Los Angeles.

When you win over the beautiful people with a beautiful head coach, the beautiful people have no choice but to buy in because at this point the celebrities know they have to be seen at the upcoming Super Bowl. They’ll have to be Team Sean. Beautiful people stick together.

McVay turns 33 this week before heading to Atlanta for the Super Bowl. Think of how you would’ve celebrated at 32. I would’ve been so plowed they would’ve had to throw my ass on the plane and then throw me in the Escalade to get me back to my mansion in the Hills. Not McVay. Look at the poise at that young age. The hair is on point. No plane pops that we can see. Just thinking up plays that will hopefully beat Bill. Thinking up how he can get Gurley to be productive when it appears he’s been hurt for like the last six or seven weeks.

Maybe it is the smartest move for my Bengals to go into Los Angeles and grab one of McVay’s bros. Maybe these bros with great hair are the next great leaders of the NFL. Maybe NFL teams should be looking toward geniuses with friends who have man buns and think this is exactly what will win them Super Bowls.

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