Ohio TV Station Runs Story On Lions…Uses Questionable Footage

Lions get trolled by Ohio TV station

via WTOL

I was eating Chinese tonight with the family and happened to turn on the local news because there’s this big snowstorm coming this way and I need to know how much Truly I’ll need for the weekend. The kids were going nuts, but I still caught this story from WTOL (CBS) about how the Lions are creating a woke program when I just happened to notice that this uplifting spot was highlighted by footage of Kirk Cousins throwing a Hail Mary touchdown during a December game.

Couple theories floating on Twitter and in my head:

• The guy putting together the report is a Vikings fan and wanted to troll Lions fans

• The person putting together the report doesn’t care about football and just threw in the first highlight saved under ‘Lions’ in the system

• The person writing up the report figured nobody would even notice so he/she just threw in whatever and didn’t figure anyone would put it on Twitter

I seem to remember another station doing this. Maybe it was a Packers game. Feels like it was the Packers and might’ve been a Madison, Wisconsin TV station running highlights that were actually horrible highlights for the Packers. Maybe it was another team and city and I’m misremembering right now. Someone let me know if you remember the video because I know it happened within the last year or two.

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Local news does a story on the Lions & uses footage of Vikings completing a Hail Mary on the Lions pic.twitter.com/eP9wa1IVxS

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) January 15, 2019