Tim Brando Is Mourning The Loss Of Keith Jackson (Who Died A Year Ago)

Keith Jackson was a broadcaster for ABC

via ABC

Imagine how Tim Brando felt today when he found out that Keith Jackson died. Of course he was devastated to hear about the loss of a broadcasting legend. Must’ve hit him like a ton of bricks. Totally caught off guard. Then imagine how Tim felt when people started pointing out that Keith has been dead for a year and that Tim was in mourning exactly a year ago when he found out that Keith had died in 2018.

Yeah, Tim forgot today that he already knew that his broadcasting hero died in 2018. I know, it’s all so confusing, but Tim is playing it off as if he knew all along that Keith died in 2018. Go down the rabbit hole into Tim’s spin zone below where he goes typical TV guy and acts like it wasn’t a complete mistake and that he totally knew Keith died a year ago.

Whatever Tim. You can just admit that Facebook memories or whatever they call it got you this morning. It’s OK. Let’s quote Tim from this afternoon: “The Big Hoss is gone. I just learned of his passing.” RIP, Keith.

The Big Hoss is gone. I just learned of his passing. His influence on guys like me incalculable.Since age 9 All I ever wanted was a semblance of Keith’s life as a broadcaster. Jackson’s understanding of covering “LIVE” sports of ANY kind incredible.Regret I never worked with him. pic.twitter.com/7zbgYdWk9l

— Tim Brando (@TimBrando) January 14, 2019

And now let’s go back to 2018 when Tim was in mourning:

We lost the Big Hoss this morning. Keith Jackson was College Footballs signature voice. 1 of my greatest honors was then opportunity to Emcee the @NFFNetwork Dinner at the Waldorf when he received the coveted Gold Medal. His influence as a broadcaster of all sports is forever.🙏

— Tim Brando (@TimBrando) January 13, 2018

Tim in full spin zone mode right here:

Well aware It’s the Anniversary but I didn’t realize it had been a full year. A few of my friends have inquired. Yes I’m aware. Still, many memories but sorry if it came off as if it had just happened. Thanks. I’m ok but still miss him. As I do many others that crossed thru life.

— Tim Brando (@TimBrando) January 14, 2019

And more spin zone from Brando:

Think I explained it. I hear ya. Understand how it looked, but truly can’t believe it’s been a year. Could have given the obituary while he was still alive. That used to be worse.
Thanks for noticing. 👍

— Tim Brando (@TimBrando) January 14, 2019