Busch Light & Iowa State Fans Take Over San Antonio With Love Affair

Dont mind that crazy look in my eye @BuschBeer Guy. Guy is making sure Cyclone fans are well nourished with the nector that floweth from the aluminum busch light cans! pic.twitter.com/IgA7X6aWX8

— Jonathan Schaeffer (@J_SchaefferWOI) December 28, 2018

Who is the biggest star of the 2018-19 college football season so far through the 12 or so ridiculously boring games we’ve had to sit through? It has to be Busch Light at the Alamo Bowl where the brand has gone as far as sending in Busch Light Guy because Iowa State fans are so crazed about Busch Light that the Alamo Bowl has turned into a free marketing event for Busch as Cyclone fans try to prove they can drink San Antonio out of the budget king of beers.

Busch Light announced earlier today that Busch Light Guy was being deployed to make sure fans have a cold one and don’t have to go slummin’ it and drink that horrible Coors Light garbage or whatever else these bars are serving these days. Busch didn’t even have to spend money sponsoring a bowl to get a bowl director to chug a Busch at a game pep rally. Think about the power wielded here by Iowa State fans. They back a brand so much that Busch just has to hope Iowa State gets to a bowl game and then it’s free marketing. It’s enough to give Rovell a boner. FREE MARKETING DOLLARS BABY!!!

Busch even has something called the Busch Safe House. It looks like a bar that they’ve turned into the Busch bar sorta like Bud Light having the Bud Light Hotel at the Super Bowl, but this seems to be dive-y, just how I like ’em. Add it all up and I have to give Iowa State fans credit here as long as they aren’t paying $5 for a Busch Light. They have to draw a line in the sand somewhere.

Making the rounds before the ⁦@valeroalamobowl#BuschSafeHouse pic.twitter.com/Fc2qMx52po

— Busch Beer (@BuschBeer) December 27, 2018

Correction: wasn’t actually a “shotgun” more of a chug. FYI.

— Brent Blum (@brentblum) December 27, 2018

At Iowa State Pep Rally:

Me: 2 Busch Lights Please

Server: 2 Busch Lights! Get that Coors Light Outta Here! They don’t want it! #CycloneNation

— Kyle Wagner (@Kwags00) December 28, 2018

When thirsty fans call, Busch Guy answers. He’s down in San Antonio at the @valeroalamobowl making sure no one runs out of Busch Light. #BuschSafeHouse pic.twitter.com/Y3hSF16I0g

— Busch Beer (@BuschBeer) December 27, 2018

Happy Alamo Bowl weekend, yall! We have all the Busch Light ready to go. Come see us on the River Walk! #alamobowl #thisishardrock #cyclones #cougars #buschlight #sanantonio pic.twitter.com/ILvQoYqFIp

— Hard Rock Cafe SA (@hrc_sanantonio) December 27, 2018

Getting a little weird now. @BuschBeer Guy randomly standing in middle of busy street , asking me if I’ve had a Busch Light yet. pic.twitter.com/6qwxkBJIVw

— Keith Murphy (@MurphyKeith) December 27, 2018

@BuschBeer running out of Busch light @ Coyote Ugly!!! pic.twitter.com/LAxOxVAswo

— Tanner Morgan (@tannermorgan44) December 27, 2018

Chip running Rio Rio out of Busch Light. pic.twitter.com/HLlFa0UBOF

— Sue Flory (@SueFlory1) December 28, 2018

Guys from the Busch light video??? Yep, met ‘em. pic.twitter.com/BAtdfDoPor

— I’m Going Bowling! (@kellyp68) December 27, 2018

We just received an email from @BuschBeer. Iowa is now the “unofficial capital of Busch Light” @CycloneFB fans are being rewarded for their love of a frosty pint. pic.twitter.com/ZiAlxLtTCf

— Justin Surrency (@JustinSurrency) December 27, 2018

Busch Light response team arrived just in time for the @valeroalamobowl @BuschBeer @IowaStateFB #CyclONEnation pic.twitter.com/BYxwljJOVd

— Eric Kline (@erickline1) December 27, 2018