Sammy Draper Releases Her Christmas Card

Sammy Draper has definitely been the breakout star of the fall and she’s shutting down 2018 on a blazing heater with her IG Christmas card release party that’s been going on for like 5 days and has resulted in guys hammering me with private messages pointing out that Sammy is doing great work.
Thursday she dumped out a few Snapchat filtered shots for those guys out there who are lonely and need IG interaction to get them through the dark days around Christmas. This is a brilliant move by Draper. Think of all the truckers out there who are sleeping in a cab all lonely and then BOOM up pops Sammy’s IG. These guys are instantly in the Christmas spirit.
And Sammy doesn’t come up with stupid captions. She knows why you guys are hitting up her page and DMs. “Now pucker up and kiss it, Whoville” -The Grinch, Draper captioned her Christmas card that was posted five days ago. I like it. Straight to the point. No stupidity like most of these airheads who act like they don’t want you to think of them as a sex object.
Not Sammy. Here’s her other Christmas card caption: Only person I’ll be kissing underneath the mistletoe @hayleesworld😘 #mistletoe #christmas 
Telling you guys, get over there and start following. Grade A material.


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