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So long to the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas

From KTNV:

The Hard Rock hotel-casino is expected to close for four months for renovations. The reported closing will be in line with the property’s transformation into the Virgin Hotel Las Vegas, according to the Review-Journal. Renovations are scheduled to begin in late summer/early fall of 2019 and continue into spring of 2020.The name will officially turn over to the Virgin brand once the property reopens with an expected reopening party.
Hard Rock Hotel employees will also reportedly get paid during the renovation closure and will be able to return to their positions.

I spent three really interesting trips at the Hard Rock. One was a trip with Wild Turkey where I played bubble soccer in the front parking lot. Wild Turkey sponsored some national kickball tournament and media played a bubble soccer game as like halftime entertainment. I was incredibly hungover, had been puking in the restroom next to the sportsbook and somehow managed to soldier through. Wild Turkey went balls to the walls with that trip.
The other trip was to the Hard Rock for the AVN convention during AFC/NFC weekend. What an insane scene that was. Legendary people watching. One of the craziest events I’ve ever seen and it’s going to be hard to top it. That’s the trip where I was certain Kevin the Intern was dead in his hotel room at the Barbary Coast. I couldn’t have beat on his door any harder without punching a hole in the door and breaking my hand. Turned out he’s a heavy sleeper. No joke. Didn’t hear a thing.
I was also at the Hard Rock way back when Howard Stern did live shows from the lobby. Incredible memories at that place.

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