Sophie Julia & Her Blondetourage Hit Up Applebees, Joey Freshwater Doing Work, Plus Rickie Fowler Turns 30

Here we go full blast right into the holidays

The now annual BC/Bellino Christmas breakfast blowout was this morning where I fire up a prize wheel for the fans. This year we threw in a donation element and the public turned out with at least 125+ coats for kids and those who are struggling this winter. Felt good to get back out on the streets and do an on-location event. Expect way more of that in 2019. There’s something about talking to the ordinary people at events. Turns out we’re all just looking to laugh a little bit and not fight each other on Facebook at all times.
I know it’s going to be weird to some of you, but go to a public place and try to figure out which person in the room is an asshole on Facebook. Most of the time it’s next to impossible to tell. I like it like that. I can shoot the shitt at a breakfast joint with 40-50 people and have zero clue what makes them tick on social media. Turns out we didn’t come out of the womb ready to battle it out on some local TV news Facebook page.
Anyway, need to shut it down early today. The kids are going to see Santa.

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