Sports Illustrated Giving the Golden State Warriors SportsPERSON Of The Year is Absolutely Disgusting

This is simply appalling. And I want to preface this by saying I’m not even a Warriors hater. I think they’re a fun team to watch and people that complain they’ve “ruined the league” just need their teams to step their own shit up.
However, this display from Sports Illustrated is one of the worst things I have ever seen. As my friend Marky Mark always says, this is the definition of the Pussification of America. If you wanted to give this award to Steve Kerr, Steph Curry, or Kevin Durant then great! Any of those guys are deserving. If you wanted to give out a Team of the Year award, give it to the Warriors! They definitely deserve it! But this is the SportsPERSON of the year and you gave it to an entire team? So you’re saying that Quinn Cook and Kevon Looney were the best athletes on the planet this year? Come on SI this is something I would expect from ESPN, but not you guys.

This is the list of people that have won since 2010. A great list! I understand there are some years that you think two people deserve it! When Jose Altuve and JJ Watt both are incredible athletes and do amazing things for their community let’s give them both recognition. But we’ve now reached a point where we can’t single one person out and hurt everyone else’s feelings. Let’s just give it to a whole team. Gross.
I hope they give the Warriors the NBA MVP this year too. Let’s give a Championship Trophy to every NBA team. They all played an equal role in the NBA season, didn’t they? If that’s how we’re giving out awards now then let’s do that too.
I hope you millennials are happy with what you’ve done. Stick your avocado in your participation trophy and have a nice day. I’m not mad Sports Illustrated, just very disappointed.

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