Former Miss Kentucky – Teacher Ramsey Carpenter Bearse – Arrested For Sending Topless Photo

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Miss Kentucky 2014, Ramsey Carpenter — now a middle school teacher known as Ramsey Bearse, was arrested today for sending nudes to a student via Snapchat and she’s admitting to sending the nudes. It’s confirmed and Ramsey is totally regretting ever firing up the Snap machine.
Ramsey, whose talent during that 2014 pageant run was playing fiddle to “Sally Goodin” & “Orange Blossom Special,” is/was a teacher in the┬áKanawha County School district. She would go on to finish 12th in Miss America back in 2014. Now she’s in big legal trouble.
From WSAZ:

A middle school teacher and former Miss Kentucky who was arrested Friday for allegedly sexting a former student was arraigned in Kanawha County Magistrate Court.
Ramsey Carpenter Bearse, 28, of Kanawha County, is charged with four felony counts of distribution or display of obscene matter to minors.
Bearse, a teacher at Andrew Jackson Middle School in Cross Lanes, is accused of sending a 15-year-old boy at least four topless photos. According to the criminal complaint, the photos were sent using Snapchat from August through October of this year.
Investigators say Bearse admitted to sending the photos to the boy. She was released Friday afternoon on $10,000 property bond.

More from WLOS:

On Thursday, the deputy met with Bearse, who admitted to sending the 15-year-old at least four photographs of her nude breast/chest area on Snapchat, a social media network, from around August to the end of October. Both the teacher and the teen live in Kanawha County.

Let’s go back to happier times for Ramsey Carpenter Bearse:

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Not a good look for Ramsey:


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